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Leon and the Camino

Our last two stops enroute to Madrid were south through Leon and Segovia.

As we approached Leon the “pilgrims” on the Camino became more obvious.  Now and then as we crossed the Trail we had seen a few walkers, but Leon and it’s Parador is a real highlight for many people travelling the Camino.

Our hotel for the next couple of nights (courtesy of a great special) was the Parador which had originally been built many centuries ago to care for pilgrims on the Camino.  If you look up Trip Advisor or the reviews are predominantly by Caminos who are breaking their journey here.  They made an interesting sight at dinner with their walk shorts/lightweight trousers  and then their sandals poking out from underneath the heavy linen floor length tablecloths.   Beautifully uniformed staff carrying their packs to the rooms.  I’m sure the Caminos were only too willing to give their bags up, if only to the distance to their room!

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