Croatia and Slovenia

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Strange alpine bedfellows – the Primula and the Pulmonaria

I know I’ve said it before, but seeing “garden plants” in the wild really gives you insight into where they prefer to grow and at times how hardy they are.  Which in turn helps you determine where to place them in your own garden .

Spotted a few days ago at 1500m asl and growing and flowering together (at last for the camera) were Primula veris and Pulmonaria.  So often I’ve seen them apart, or one in flower but not the other and always at a high altitude. Read More…

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Orchids in Istria

Neotinia ustulata – what a dreadful name for such a beautiful ground Orchid!  AND I’m sorry it’s laying sideways.  It was just too tall to show you vertically.  We saw this amazing Orchid growing in southern Slovenia and then Northern Istria – it dwarfs all other Orchids we have seen on our travels standing up to 40cm high on occasions.

Istria has 80 different species of Orchid but this was by far the most glamorous and it’s common name of “The burnt tipped  Orchid” doesn’t do it justice either.

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Corydalis solida, another gem

Corydalis solida – another gorgeous little plant found high up in the mountains of both Croatia and Slovenia .  This one was found at around 1100m and others at 1300m just emerging from the snow.  They are hugely strong growing and often found with Veratrum, Hellebores, Primula and Gentians.

In NZ we have a brilliant blue version that is usually available in spring when in flower.

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Goodbye to lovely Slovenia

We’ve ABSOLUTELY loved Slovenia – a country wedged between Austria to the north, Italy to the west, Croatia to the east and south.  With half of its land covered in forest and only 2 million people to share it – it was our kind of country.  It gave up to us a wealth of wonderful plants and memories that we will cherish for a very long time.   Read More…

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