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Asparagus, easy to grow and SO easy to eat

There are a few foods that are really seasonal and are with us for just a brief period – my two favourites are Cherries and Asparagus.  I absolutely love both of them and neither of them are anywhere near as good eaten out of season.  So when the season is right we eat them most days and enjoy them while we can.  Asparagus is really easy to grow and even a small patch will provide you with some mouth-watering meals. My asparagus patch is quite big – probably 4x6m and is now in its 9th year, and this year I’m looking forward to a HUGE crop.  The road to a bumper crop hasn’t been easy for my asparagus.  Whilst they were planted in exactly the type of soil they prefer – lovely light, silty soil and they were given all the goodies that they desire (sheep pellets, blood and bone and a general granulated fertiliser in spring and autumn) – there were detrimental factors stacked against them from the outset.  Initially they weren’t in full sun so the plants remained weak and slow to clump up.  Then in their second winter a furry person with spots dug half of them up – obviously convinced there was nothing in this particular patch – so it was a “start again” scenario.  The trees that inhibited the growth of my asparagus “fern” (the foliage that appears after the spears is called “fern”) were taken out several years ago and they have now had several years with full sun and the security of knowing they are now a fenced-in plot and no-ones paws can assault them again.   Consequently they are now producing copious amounts of asparagus for our extended family, and this year… maybe even friends!



Plant in full sun

Ensure excellent drainage – if you have clay break this up using some lovely compost and heaps of Gypsum.

Add organic fertiliser in late winter – sheep pellets are ideal.  Top up with some Ican Blood and Bone in August to get those clumps thinking about growing.

I feed with Ican Slow Food – this feeds evenly for a whole two years and ensures that my Asparagus never goes without.

Cut your asparagus on a daily basis as it grows really fast.

Around early-mid December let it run to flower (fern) so that it can gather up strength for next year.  Leave the fern on the whole of summer/autumn and cut down in autumn before it sets seed.


Late winter is the time to plant  The best time to plant Asparagus is when the days start to lengthen and the soil temperatures start to rise.  August – early September is ideal. Planting earlier often leads to rotting of the young crowns in cold, wet soil.   Crowns will be available early August.  If you want a large quantity – (more than 20)  I recommend pre-ordering with us – give the Green Door a call on 06 8776 444 or email me at:  thegreendoor@xnet.co.nz for pricing.  No quantity too large!  We’ll get a great price for you and commercial quality plants.

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2 Responses to Asparagus, easy to grow and SO easy to eat

    Just wondering can Asparagus plants be divided up and replanted.

    • Gillian Thrum Reply

      Hi Valerie, yes they can. In fact the crowns that we sell will have been divided up late July so that we have them to sell. I would caution dividing them too small as they do take a while to grow. I would imagine the year that you divide them your crop will be smaller as they probably don’t enjoy the process! Dig up, trim the roots, feed well with sheep pellets and Novatec to give them a burst.

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