Gardening with Pots

May 042017 0 Responses

Mini Daffs in the mountains

Lucky us – we found some tiny Daffodils still in flower on the top of the hills en route to Manteigas, Portugal – growing at 1450m in practically pure rock.  Growing with them were tiny alpine bluebells.

It just goes to show that when all the books tell you to put grit underneath your bulbs when planting  – it’s because they really like very good drainage and choose to grow right on PURE grit given the chance!  In NZ the best thing to use in your pots or garden would be small, sharp gravel or pumice.

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May 222015 Tagged with 0 Responses

Isola Bella – WOW

We had seen so many pictures of this garden on Lake Maggiore that we had earlier decided not to visit if we were short of time.  However, being short of energy on our last day here we opted for this as an easy option.  Just five mins to the ferry and five mins on the ferry and we were arriving at the island we had ferried happily past the day before. Read More…

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Apr 212014 0 Responses

The gardens of Cordoba

Today is Monday here in Cordoba.  No matter where you are in Europe, Monday is never a good day to be a tourist as so many attractions close on a Monday – however Gardens don’t so we had planned to visit the Alcazar today come rain or shine – luckily it was more the latter.

Cordoba is obviously immensely old, has amazing Cathedrals, Mosques and Museums but alongside them the most memorable thing for me were the old Orange trees that studded the narrow streets and filled the gardens with their glistening leaves. Read More…

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