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Fritillarias in Paklenica National Park

Before we left NZ the Mother had been looking up Fritillarias on her IPad and had found that there were 76,000 of them growing in a park just 10 minutes from where the Nephew has just moved to in Oxford.  He was despatched to capture them on film.  Which he obliging did as the lucky blighter only has to walk 40 mins down the tow path of the canal to get there.

That started us wondering if they were to be found in Croatia….  seemingly Mr Wikipedia told us we were MORE likely to see them in Slovenia… Read More…

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Make the most of your summer crops

After tidying up the mess in my vege patch on Sunday I took stock of the remaining summer crops. My globe shaped eggplants are smothered in half size fruit – there’s probably 15-20 of them there and with the warm weather each stem is furiously making additional flowers for even more fruit. There’s really only one month left of eggplant ripening weather. Realistically those new flowers haven’t got time to form and grow an eggplant and they are draining the plants energies from the semi-mature fruits. I made the call and cut all remaining flowers off and shortened the stems. Better 15 eggplants in the hand.

Take a look at your summer crops – eggplants, tomatoes, capsicums especially. These all need really warm weather to mature well. Up to you to make the call, …..

Anyone have any queries?

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Wetting Agents

SaturAid is a ‘wetting agent’. Wetting agents work by breaking down the surface tension and allowing the water to penetrate into dry soils and the root zone.

SaturAid and Pots

SaturAid can be applied through the soil (at planting time) or to the top of pots and gardens.  Pots, gardens and lawns when dry will repel moisture. I’m sure all of us have watered dry pots or hanging baskets and noticed the water simply going in the top and draining out the bottom – a very frustrating exercise. Mature plants in containers can be very difficult to water thoroughly.
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Watering tips for when you go on holiday

We all know cacti and succulents can go months without water, but not so all your other house plants. Short of having a kind neighbour pop in and give them a drink, below are some tips for DIY self watering house plants. In all cases, water your plants well before you go. Follow some of our easy to use watering tips below:

  • Make a miniature greenhouse by placing a plastic bag over your plant. Make sure the bag does not touch the foliage by using small bamboo sticks (or something similar) to drape the bag over. Seal tightly around the pot using a rubber band. Don’t leave in direct sunlight.
  • Line a shallow tray with pebbles. Fill the tray to almost the top of the pebbles with water. Place potted plants on top so drainage holes (of pot) are sitting on the pebbles.
  • In the bathtub or sink, place a folded damp towel. Sit potted plants on top of towel, so drainage holes (of pot) are sitting on the towel.
  • For larger pot plants, place several layers of damp newspaper over the soil of the plant.
  • Read More…

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