Mar 242015 0 Responses

Fabulous Figs

My French Sugar’s first crop was hit by a late frost this year – however the second crop is now coming ready and they’re netted with the finest of netting so not even the Waxeyes can manage to squeeze through. Picking a fig just as it’s about to burst is the way to an exploding mouthful of textured honey. Read More…

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Apr 072014 0 Responses

The rain in Spain appears to be on the HAVELOCK PLAIN

Well what a great rain, long and slow, perfect for softening the ground and every bit is seeping in.

The only downside is the effect it’s having on my strawberries and the figs – yikes – I should have put a preventive fungicide spray on a few days ago.  Oh well, there’s nothing like hindsight.  I was so busy ensuring that the weeds were sprayed and the insects were dealt with that I forgot about the DISEASE that might come.

As as soon as the drizzle is finished I’ll be out there to pull off the worst of them to hopefully stop the spread. It’s too late to stop it with a spray.  Drat.

How have your berries and fruits been this summer?


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Mar 262014 2 Responses

Claustrophobic Citrus

We’ve just been up to visit Phil’s parents and lucky me – their Meyer lemon tree was chocka block full of fruit.   However it was also really thick with branchlets – so much so the light wasn’t getting in and there was the beginning of sooty mould.  There is a saying that “a bird should be able to fly through a citrus tree”.  Whilst I don’t actually hold specifically to that – it is important that there is light.  Check out my “before and after pictures” to give you a basic idea of how to trim.  You can prune more heavily than this but what I’ve done is sufficient.

Any pruning tips you’d like to pass on, or pic’s of your own.

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